This blog won’t necessarily be my usual kind and not directly about real estate either; however, these are real feelings about to be shared.

I use social media a lot in my business and also keep in touch with friends and family there for pleasure, but much of my timeline in recent weeks has been filled with hatred and controversy.

Whether regarding supposed corrupt police and unnecessary force, racism and hate amongst different skin colors, religion opposition, the confederate flag, gay/lesbian rights or political party affiliations, it’s everywhere right now.

All of the aforementioned topics have our country a bit divided at the moment. There are countless citizens whom do not trust our government, feel it’s too big and don’t believe we have the right leadership in place to turn this country around. I’m not just speaking about the President either… congress is full of wrongdoers too.

The media makes it no better either as different networks have different political party ties and therefore seem to twist stories at times. The common viewer at home doesn’t know what to believe and is being misinformed.

With corporate America running a lot of politics by way of lobbyists and billions of dollars, it’s not an easy task to stop this train.

As a father to three young children, I can only hope a true LEADER emerges for the right reasons and can lead America back to the forefront of how a country should be modeled. We are certainly not the worst in the world, but unless we come together as ONE nation, we are broken, which leaves us susceptible to outside and internal enemies.

I know I don’t want to see a World War III or experience anything like that, but it could happen and not necessarily just from the outside. Our own nation, if divided enough, could revolt and turn things upside down. May sound far fetched to some, but I don’t think by much.

The real point of this article is to encourage everyone to get along and peacefully coexist. Not everyone will always believe in the same things, but everyone does have the opportunity to tolerate differences and respect that notion.

I’m married to a woman, but all for equal rights… I’m a registered Republican, but will always vote for whom I feel is the best candidate for the open position… I have friends of ALL skin colors and only see human… I would say Christian if someone asked me my religion, although I’m not an avid churchgoer, have very limited knowledge of religion in general, but am fine with people having different belief systems… A flag can hold different meanings to different people and shouldn’t necessarily be stereotyped to only one… And finally there are corrupt or bad people in every profession, not just the police force.

For the most part, if a citizen abides by the rules, uses common sense and makes smart decisions, then he/she has the opportunity for a successful life. I’m trying to teach my kids right from wrong and to not judge others, but to be accepting of differences… After all, that’s what makes our life so interesting right?

Think before you speak or write as those words can never be taken back once released…

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