I would first like to answer the question above… NO. In my opinion, Realtors will not become extinct like the dinosaurs did, but the evolution & role is sure to continue.

You see, not all Realtors are created equal… some are looking solely for the next sale and trying to squeeze as much commission from that transaction as possible. That definition is, however, far from our approach.

We actually care about our clients and most become personal friends. I’ve always believed “if you take care of people, they will in turn take care of you”. This has been very true for us. Focus is not only on customer service, but also the customer experience, before, during and after the transaction.

This is where technology and convenience really comes into play… it’s also why having a team is important in today’s business environment. Everyone plays a role in the final outcome and success for each client/transaction.

I do believe many Realtors will be phased out of the business as they’re unable to offer a superior level of service, but for those that understand it’s still a relationship business, they will continue to ‘up their game’ in order to have a fit within the Real Estate Industry long-term.

It’s likely that we will continue to morph into even more of an “advisor” role since information is now so readily available & accessible to anyone with the Internet. However, analyzing and interpreting that data isn’t common knowledge. Plus a lot of the information out there is inaccurate so it’s important to know what is reliable and what isn’t.

There are emotions involved with where people want to live… that’s not something a computer can understand or properly take into consideration.

Here is a quick snapshot of just a few things a (good) Realtor will know how to handle:

  • Negotiating
  • Pricing
  • Inspections (and guiding through that process)
  • Contract Advisement & Proper Form Usage
  • Financing (ensuring you’re getting the best rate, terms & service)
  • Zoning / Easements / HOAs / CCRs (Deeded Restrictions)
  • Reading a Title Insurance Commitment
  • Counseling you when the emotions kick in!

It’s almost guaranteed that at some point during the purchase or sale of real estate, a conflict will arise… that’s when we really show our value best as we are able to absorb much of that duress and find solutions to keep the end goal within reach.

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