13 Jan 2016


We’ve all seen the commercials providing the message to “take time and be a dad today”… it’s so true and so necessary. When chaperoning my daughter’s field trip to the zoo yesterday, this really hit home.

Growing up, I had a very involved father, but not all of my friends were so lucky. Hell, sometimes my Dad was too involved, but the intention was always right at least. Looking back, I see how that really helped me grow into whom I am today. Sadly, many children grow up without that strong relationship with their father and it can show throughout their life.

Having a Dad there for discipline, authority, support & encouragement and love is priceless… Moms play their roles too, but today I am talking about Dads only.

While we were spending the day at the zoo, many of the kids would come up to me and hold my hand as we were walking and they were sometimes fighting over my attention. The rides on my shoulders were a big thrill and everyone in our group of 8 kids got two turns each so it was fair. My own daughter seemed the least interested, but maybe that’s because this stuff isn’t so abnormal to her. For some of the others, I could tell where there might not be the strongest father relationships. This was especially true with the girls, which half of the group was comprised of. They even fought over whom would sit by me on the bus when headed back to school.

It made me feel good to at least provide some joy into their lives that day. I was firm when necessary and disciplined as prudent to keep them within the rules, but also played with them. This behavior is so important for kids as they grow into adults. These were 5 & 6 year old kids so I know it will change as they get older, but no matter what age, everyone needs a Dad. Kids are so innocent to start out… they need the proper guidance to keep them on the correct path.


If you have a child, be a Dad, not just their father. It will not only help them, but will make you feel good too.