Today’s blog is being dedicated to my wife, Jennifer.

My wife is a “stay-at-home” Mom first and foremost, but that comes with a lot of responsibilities. She makes what I do possible. You see, without her, I wouldn’t be able to start my days so early in the office or come home as late as I do some nights. She takes the worry off of me with regard to our three children. We also don’t have thousands of dollars being spent on child care each month for strangers to help raise our kids.

It’s her whom makes sure to get the kids ready for school in the morning… she feeds them breakfast, brushes their hair, picks out their clothes, packs their lunches, changes the baby, etc. She, of course ,gets herself ready every day before all this so wakes up not long after myself (which is early). The dogs get hungry too so she has to feed them as well.

After taking the girls to school, she usually gets a quick gym workout in, runs to the store for whatever we happen to need since pretty much every day we’re running out of something essential… then it’s back home to help with watering outside if necessary and clean the house. It’s a large home so there’s a lot to clean and with 5 people in the family, that means a lot of dishes, excessive amounts of laundry, ironing and don’t forget all the vacuuming with our shedding dogs.

Once our youngest goes down for a nap, she can work on her own business, selling Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care products. It’s not the Mary Kay of old you’re thinking of… this new stuff actually works. My wife is VERY particular about her looks and has always used Mac, Bare Minerals, Sephora and other big names so if Mary Kay didn’t stand up on its own, she wouldn’t stand behind it.

Now that nap time is over, it’s time to go back to school to pick up the girls. Once home, it’s time to help them with their homework, read books, give showers or baths and start dinner.

Once I get home, I am usually quite tired and mentally exhausted, but I don’t have to worry about whom is taking care of our children. I know they’re always safe and in good hands with Jennifer watching over them. I do help out with the kids, but not nearly on the same level as her. I get more of the play time.

Does she receive a regular paycheck? Not in the normal sense, but I know her patience with the kids, tolerance of me and Motherly skills are priceless to me. Oh, the kids love you too…

So THANK YOU for everything you do for our family!

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