30 Mar 2018

April, 2018 Festivals & Events

The weather is warm, but not hot so it’s time for Phoenix Festivals & Events… here’s a look at a few coming up this next month: Scottsdale Culinary Festival Phoenix Pride Festival Bike Night @ Westgate Cavalia Horse Show Phoenix Film Festival Phoenix Lights Music Fest Maricopa County Fair There are plenty more to see […]

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27 Mar 2018

Technology: For Better or Worse?

We live in a time where the laptop, phone or other device you buy today is seemingly outdated tomorrow. There are constant “newer, better” versions being released, but is that really the case? Technology spans more than just communication… it’s in Solar Systems, Vehicles, Online Shopping, Marketing & Advertising, Concierge Services and so much more. […]

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29 Jan 2018

Headlines Must be True, Right? Wrong!

The world we live in features a lot of noise in the media… there are so many channels to navigate: Web & Social Media, Print, Newspapers & Journals, Television, Radio, etc. This means, there is a very short timeframe to catch someone’s attention, which can lead to some ridiculous and crazy headlines! In Real Estate, […]

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26 Dec 2017

Tax Reform: What Does it Mean for You?

Tax Reform has been talked about in the news, online and around the water cooler for many months now, but what exactly does it mean? Well, I am no CPA or Accountant, but I will highlight a few points about it and how that may impact Arizona Real Estate, specifically  Phoenix Real Estate. First Major […]

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12 Dec 2017

2018 Loan Changes – Down Payment Assistance

Last week I reported that Conventional Financing Loan Limits for 2018 have been raised to $453,100. Well, now we know the new FHA Loan Limit in Maricopa County will be $294,515 for a single unit dwelling. This makes up a large segment of our market and especially helps entry level first-time home buyers. For those […]

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30 Nov 2017

How to Handle the Fear of Home Buying

The photo above was chosen for a reason… everyone would love the ability to see into the future to know things are going to be okay before buying a home. There are so many emotions during the process: excitement, stress, joy, anxiety, frustration, relief and the list goes on. I have felt the same things […]

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29 Nov 2017

2018 Maricopa County Loan Limits Increased

Good news for Arizona Home Buyers in Maricopa County… the loan limit for Conventional Financing in 2018 is scheduled to increase to $453,100. That’s nearly a $30K bump over 2017.   With home prices having continued to rise, this will help many take advantage of 3-5% Down Payment options with a Conventional Loan versus needing […]

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27 Sep 2017

Fall Festivals are Back!

The weather has started to cool down… nights are refreshing and mornings crisp again! That also means various fall events & festivals are back around Phoenix and throughout Arizona. Here are some coming up to be aware of, thanks to visitphoenix.com: SANTAN BREWING OKTOBERFEST Septermber 30 Fans of polka music, German food and craft beer […]

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01 Sep 2017

Multiple Offer Situation FAQ’s

Every real estate market is different and trends cycle from Buyer’s markets to Seller’s markets and anywhere in between. Certain times of year can also impact this. Here in the Phoenix Metro area, it’s definitely not uncommon to see multiple offer scenarios, especially in the lower price points. Therefore, I wanted to write this blog […]

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31 Aug 2017

The Internet Cannot Replace Me

While the title of this blog is a bold claim, I don’t believe real estate technology can 100% replace an actual professional REALTOR®, such as myself. With the ever-changing landscape throughout most industries where web solutions and technology is replacing some of the human element, the Real Estate industry is no different. However, when it […]

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