13 May 2016

Do New Home Builders Negotiate?

Do New Home Builders Negotiate? This is an often asked question when buyers are looking at model homes and new build communities… the answer is YES! Not every home builder, community, or Real Estate market is the same so many variables will come into play when figuring out what could be negotiable. However, I have personally never […]

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13 Feb 2016

New Homes in Sun City, Arizona

“Four Seasons” by K. Hovnanian That’s right, the “old” Sun City has some new homes, but there aren’t many available and surely won’t last long. Models range from 1,605 – 2,208 Square Feet and start @ $207,990. All are single-level and a total of 7 models are available. Pictured above is the Goldfield and below […]

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13 Jan 2016


We’ve all seen the commercials providing the message to “take time and be a dad today”… it’s so true and so necessary. When chaperoning my daughter’s field trip to the zoo yesterday, this really hit home. Growing up, I had a very involved father, but not all of my friends were so lucky. Hell, sometimes […]

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13 Jan 2016


Dear Arizona Cardinals… Thank you for an exciting season and really energizing not only the truly dedicated fanbase, but the entire Metro Phoenix Area and even most of the state. Success on the field has become more routine the past few years and the last 10-years have brought some unbelievable finishes, wild emotional rides, frustration […]

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13 Dec 2015


Why use a REALTOR when buying from a builder? Think you will save money by buying directly from the builder… Think again! Most consumers think that when they walk into a new home builder’s office, that sales rep is there to represent them on the purchase. Well, that’s just not true. You see, those sales representatives are […]

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13 Nov 2015


When selling a home in Arizona, the seller has some obligations to abide by when it comes to repairs during the sales process. This is of course, unless an As-Is Addendum is present… that’s a whole different blog itself! These obligations I referred to are called Warranted Items. Back when our market had went through […]

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13 Sep 2015


This blog won’t necessarily be my usual kind and not directly about real estate either; however, these are real feelings about to be shared. I use social media a lot in my business and also keep in touch with friends and family there for pleasure, but much of my timeline in recent weeks has been […]

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13 Jul 2015

Our Texas Vacation – Summer 2015

Our Texas Vacation – Summer 2015 Today I am going to share some stories from my family’s summer vacation, which we just completed. We went to Texas for 8 days and did a lot! Many asked why Texas when they heard where we were headed and especially in the middle of July… I said, why […]

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13 Mar 2015


The word Loyalty is defined as being faithful to committment(s) or obligations and having allegiance to a cause or person. Unfortunately I don’t think most people recognize this anymore, however. I see this throughout life, but definitely in my business often. I’ve talked about common courtesy being a thing of the past and Loyalty is […]

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13 Feb 2015


If you’re in the market for a new home, you may be considering the pros and cons of a condominium versus a single-family home. With rates on mortgage loans trending near all-time lows, this is certainly the time to buy any property. Condo purchases are on the rise not only for first time buyers but […]

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