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09 Sep 2016

WANTED: Construction Workers!

For those wanting to buy a new home and build it from the ground up… it may take a little longer! We have seen the trend locally for some time now, but it’s become a national challenge. There aren’t enough construction workers to fulfill the demand for new housing. New homes are often taking 8-9 […]

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13 Jul 2016


America Needs a Leader… and Soon! This will not be a Real Estate related blog post, but one that I feel needs written and thought about. The world today is filled with so much hatred and division, it’s sad. Not just here in the U.S. but everywhere this occurs on varying levels, but living here, […]

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10 Jul 2016


Today I wanted to share some helpful hints to remember before you go on vacation: Leave your front porch/coach lights on… using a timer can be a good way to ensure they’re not left on 24-hours a day though. Use another timer to have an interior light on overnight that can be seen from outside […]

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13 Sep 2015


This blog won’t necessarily be my usual kind and not directly about real estate either; however, these are real feelings about to be shared. I use social media a lot in my business and also keep in touch with friends and family there for pleasure, but much of my timeline in recent weeks has been […]

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13 Jul 2015

Our Texas Vacation – Summer 2015

Our Texas Vacation – Summer 2015 Today I am going to share some stories from my family’s summer vacation, which we just completed. We went to Texas for 8 days and did a lot! Many asked why Texas when they heard where we were headed and especially in the middle of July… I said, why […]

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