One of the first questions I’m often asked by a prospective client is “what is your commission rate”? I cringe inside and clench my jaws, but then reply politely with an informative response. It also includes the phrase “you get what you pay for”. That is oh so true in many businesses and my industry isn’t precluded.

If someone is in need of a major surgery, like a quadruple bypass for example, is their first question likely to be: “how much do you charge”? NO. Of course verifying insurance coverage will cooperate is an important factor, but most will want to feel like they’re seeing and going to use the BEST heart surgeon possible. The patient is going to ask and research the doctor’s experience and get a sense of comfort before moving forward. Why is it so different with Real Estate?

Granted, buying or selling real estate in Phoenix usually isn’t a life or death situation, but it is often times the single largest investment someone makes during their life. In that case, they should want the best REALTOR in Phoenix representing them. Commission is a factor that plays into that, but so should be marketing, branding & advertising, experience, market knowledge, availability, business focus, reputation, etc.

We do not get paid (or reimbursed for expenses) until the sale actually closes. If someone is willing to offer their services for very little, then that is what you can expect to receive… very little. I know my value and that doesn’t come without a price because I spend money for you without any guarantee of recovering those costs.

Without the right tools on your side, that “discount” you think you’re getting can quickly go out the window when you have to make that extra mortgage payment because it didn’t sell fast enough or it fell out of escrow due to the agent not knowing how to properly manage the transaction. What about negotiating… are they truly negotiating with your best interests in mind, or only their own? Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

I am not here to say I am the only good REALTOR in Phoenix, but I am saying I’d like you to interview me when it’s time to buy or sell!

As always, all referrals are truly appreciated and the foundation of my business. Please never hesitate with any questions.

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