03 Sep 2019

Don’t Let Headlines Create Your Reality

If you’ve been online or opened a newspaper in the past few weeks, you’ve likely seen some Bold Headlines such as the following:

  • Has the next recession begun?
  • Millenials to be wiped out by Recession
  • Housing Market heads toward Troubled Times
  • Stock Market on Volatile Ground
  • Trade Wars with China create Unstable Economy

Headlines are meant to trigger an emotion and ultimately lead someone to click on a link or read an article. Sometimes the article doesn’t even convey the same message as its headline.

Unfortunately, with so many of these crazy statements, we, as a society, begin to create our own reality, which doesn’t have to be that way. Consumer confidence is affected, which impacts small business’ sales, the housing market, the stock market and so many other things.

Will the economy always be predictable? No. Does the Housing Market move up and down over time? Yes. However, each ‘cycle’ is very different from the others and caused by varying factors.

The point here is to not believe everything you read or even take all the headlines super seriously… NOBODY has the “crystal ball” to know exactly what will happen in the future, but make sure your sources are trusted. When it comes to Real Estate throughout the Metro Phoenix market, we would be happy to have a personalized conversation about your circumstances to see if it makes sense to move now or wait.