29 Jan 2018

Headlines Must be True, Right? Wrong!

The world we live in features a lot of noise in the media… there are so many channels to navigate: Web & Social Media, Print, Newspapers & Journals, Television, Radio, etc. This means, there is a very short timeframe to catch someone’s attention, which can lead to some ridiculous and crazy headlines!

In Real Estate, we see this all the time… after attending the Inman Connect Conference this past week in New York City, I witnessed first hand how shocking quotes and headlines can be taken as truth when they’re really an opinion. They can become reality, but there’s no guarantee they will.

For example, one theme during this conference was how traditional brokerages (such as RE/MAX, Century-21, etc) will become extinct and get taken over by new models, centered around technology. It is indeed accurate that the traditional brokerages MUST continue to evolve and adapt in order to survive and remain relevant; however, it’s not likely that they’ll fade away altogether and be replaced.

The point of this blog is to remind you to please read the full story, research the subject and make an informed opinion after absorbing multiple sources of information. Otherwise, things can be taken way out of context and ultimately the public will be misled and misinformed.