The title may seem broad, but I wanted to highlight an example of this where I was involved in the transaction… fortunately my Buyers got to take advantage!

A few months ago, we stumbled upon a home for sale where the photography was super dark, blurry and just poor image selection. Turns out, there was a beautiful home inside, but nobody could see it. We knew the specs were spot on for our client so we scheduled a viewing and the rest is history… my buyers were able to buy this home for $20,000 under appraised value. I personally think the appraisal was a touch generous, but my buyer easily walked in with $10-15K in instant equity.


Here is a sample of what we saw…


Now here is an example of a (different) home with professional photography that we sold…



Quite the difference, right???

If that seller had hired us to list their home for sale, we would have used professional photography & videography, which would have enabled us to list for at least $10,000 more and sell just as quickly. When you have unattractive marketing, nobody gets exited to come view your home and that is NOT what you’re looking to accomplish. Let the professionals handle what is normally the most important and largest financial transaction people ever make… don’t tolerate arms swinging around the corner, toilet seats up, dishes in the sink or a shadow in the mirror!

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