This may seem like an unusual topic for a Real Estate site blog, but I believe this is an issue that impacts anyone and everyone. These simple reminders can make a difference!

Stay Active

Whether you go for a walk, workout at the gym or hop into a pick up basketball game, being physically active on a routine basis helps to eliminate stress, improve overall health and keep your morale up.

Talk to Someone

Phone a friend, reach out to a family member or anyone really… having conversation will make you feel better. It may sound cliché, but it works. Connecting socially (and not just through Facebook) is a vital part of life.

Try a Relaxation Technique

Some will immediately think of meditation here, but there’s also deep breathing exercises, yoga, aromatherapy, massage and even music & art therapies. Whatever it is that helps you to relax will provide some inner peace.

Educate Yourself

This doesn’t mean you need to go back to school. There are countless books and audio listening avenues in today’s society, not to mention podcasts. I know from personal experience that mindset and outlook can be impacted by these stories.

Eat Good Food

It’s true… the better the quality of food we consume, the better we can feel. If your diet consists of many processed foods and few fruits & veggies, you’re probably holding yourself back.

Proper Sleep

Schedules will vary and every person has a different requirement when it comes to sleep, but not getting enough quality rest will greatly impact your mood and not in a positive manner. A good night’s rest will have you feeling refreshed and ready to take one whatever challenges the new day may bring.

Give Back

Volunteering your time, donating to a worthy cause or sponsoring an event are just a few ways you can make a positive impact in your local community. I have found that when you give, you get. It feels good to do good!

Sunlight & Fresh Air

If you’ve been cooped up too long inside, take a walk outdoors and you’re sure to feel a little more optimistic.

Seek Help

If you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel and don’t know what to do, it’s definitely time for some external assistance.

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