06 Sep 2016

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

We are often asked how best to prepare a home for sale so we have created a simple checklist to offer some guidance. Every home and property is unique so this isn’t a one size fits all, but should get you moving in the right direction!

Preparing to Sell:

– Make any necessary small repairs and paint touch-ups.

– Landscaping… trim trees & shrubs, mow grass, pull weeds, rake rocks.

– Remove clutter inside and out.

– Paint front door if needed (accent colors can be great to add character).

– Clean off the fridge.

– Clear counter-tops of non-regularly used items.

– Clean baseboards.

– Scrub tile & grout.

– Vacuum ceiling fans.

– Remove bulky furnishings that crowd a room.

– Organize closets & pantries.


How to Prepare for Buyer Showings:

– Turn all lights on (make the home light and bright)

– Open all window blinds.

– Have the beds made.

– Clear your countertops.

– Put laundry put away.

– Take the garbage out… need the house smelling good!

– Make sure fresh towels are hung & folded neatly.

– Close the toilets.

– Clean up after your pets.

– Turn pool waterfall or any other special features on, when applicable.

When we meet for the Pre-Move Consultation, we will review and make suggestions for your home. However, please never hesitate with any questions @ 623-203-2264. Team Schlegel is here to help 🙂