27 Dec 2018

Making a Move in 2019

The “Nice” List for Buyers & Sellers!

As we move into the new year, if you’re thinking about making a move, here are some ways to stay on the right track.

Buying a Home – The Nice List:

1. Call us for your ‘Pre-Move Consultation’.

2. Be organized with your financial documentation.

3. Have an understanding of your timeline along with needs in a new home.

4. Speak with a lender to become Pre-Qualified for your financing.

5. Don’t listen to all the ‘Self-Proclaimed Experts’ that try to give you advice. Follow the plan in place for success!

Selling Your Home – The Nice List:

1. Call us for your ‘Pre-Move Consultation’.

2. It’s a Business Decision… take your emotions out of the transaction.

3. Trust the process… we are going to guide you based upon decades of experience.

4. Don’t take it personal… if we recommend certain repairs or staging advice, it’s for your own good.

5. Leave for showings… buyers feel uncomfortable when a Seller is present during the showing and you don’t want that.


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