Plan. Prepare. Perform.

Sounds simple enough, right? It should, but that doesn’t mean everyone adheres to these notions.

These can apply to pretty much all aspects of life… academically in school, athletically on the field, in your career path, for your marriage & relationships, etc.

I am currently teaching a program called RE/MAX Momentum to my office and the initial chapters are very basic, but oh so critical. They provide insight into building a solid business foundation. This way, agents can plan for how they want their business to run, then prepare it accordingly and finally perform or execute those plans with action. Taking that action will equate into success.

This post, however, wasn’t really geared toward the business aspects… it was more personal for me. As a Father and Husband, I feel a great responsibility to always protect and provide for my family. My immediate family being my wife and our three children.

We all know the world can be very volatile now and with many countries battling for supremacy and power, the potential for World War III isn’t that far-fetched most likely. That said, the life we live today could be drastically changed at any given moment or of course taken away all together. Neither of which I want, nor can ultimately control entirely. However, I can control how I/we are prepared.

In the event of a major catastrophe, do you have a plan? Are you prepared for that plan and are you confident enough to perform? I ask these questions of myself and the answer is I am not as prepared as I should or want to be. However, I am now creating that plan, getting prepared and believe I would be in a position to perform, if that time came. I owe it to my family to be forward-thinking and do everything within my power to keep them safe at all times.

Whether for business or for personal reasons, hopefully this blog post will make you think and question yourself in some regard… if so, then it’s performed!

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