As one gets older, starts a family, raises children and learns about what’s truly important in life, our views change. Fortunately for me, I have been blessed to work with some amazing people and that’s allowed my business to grow to a level where I have pretty good exposure in our market and our local community.

My business has given me (Justin Schlegel) a platform to be able to make a real difference in the local community. Something that’s important to me is our public schools. Regardless of one’s political views, most can agree that education funding is important and often lacking. The children of today will be leading us before we know it so we need to ensure they are prepared accordingly.

We (Team Schlegel & RHP Real Estate) have just launched a program within the Peoria Unified School District in hopes that it will spread like wildfire and turn into many thousands of dollars for the local schools for many years to come. After working with the district to ensure we are following the rules, I am happy to officially roll this out!

This is not just for teachers or school administration, this is open for anyone whom buys or sells a home with us within the Peoria Unified School District. We will write a $500 check at closing to the public school of your choice (within the district) and those funds can be applied in various ways.

I’ve been asked “How can you afford to do this?”… my answer is simple, how can we afford not to! It’s win-win for us and the community if more people decide to get the best real estate experience possible by utilizing our services and at the same time, help out our schools.

I would like to expand this program over time to additional districts/schools and this will not halt our current charity work with donations to the Children’s Miracle Network & Phoenix Children’s Hospital out of every closing, not to mention our Christmas Angel program during the holidays. Of course our ‘back to school’ supply drive fits right in already.

You should also be on the lookout for personal interviews I will be conducting with many local school principals in order to engage the community and show off what caring educators there are around us. We look forward to your support!

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