Today I wanted to share some helpful hints to remember before you go on vacation:

  1. Leave your front porch/coach lights on… using a timer can be a good way to ensure they’re not left on 24-hours a day though.
  2. Use another timer to have an interior light on overnight that can be seen from outside the front of your home.
  3. Let your neighbors know you’re leaving… they can keep a watch on your home while you’re away and pick up any newspapers or door flyers and pull up your garbage cans so that doesn’t give the perception you’re gone.
  4. Turn off the water valves to toilets and sinks throughout the home so you don’t come home to a flood if something were to fail. (washing machine isn’t a bad idea either)
  5. Set your landscaping watering system timers appropriately so they still water your plants and lawn during your time away.
  6. In some municipalities, you can notify the police of your vacation time and they’ll have an officer check the home for security periodically.
  7. If you have a pool, confirm your chlorine tab floater is full and timer is set to run long enough for the weather conditions. Plus empty those skimmer & filter baskets.
  8. Double check all windows and doors to make sure they’re fully locked and secure.
  9. Turn your water heater down to “vacation” mode to conserve energy, but remember to turn it back up when home.
  10. Set you’re A/C thermostat up a little to conserve energy, but not too high, especially if you have pets staying behind.
  11. Be careful what you choose to post on Social Media websites!
  12. Unplug small kitchen appliances and turn off electronics.

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