10 Ways to Ensure a Happy Home Sale

Selling your home doesn’t have to become a horror story… it can be a smooth endeavor that you gladly tell your friends about as it unfolds! Here are some critical checkpoints to make that a reality:

  • 1) Setting the Right Expectations up Front.

When we first sit down for the “Pre-Move Consultation”, we will be laying out a game plan and discuss potential roadblocks that could come up along the way. As we move forward throughout the transaction, you will receive updates on what is about to happen so you’re always in the know and never wondering what is going on.

  • 2) Clear & Open Communication.

We answer our phones, reply to text messages, check social media, voicemails, emails, etc. countless times per day. Since we are a team, if one party isn’t available for some reason, then someone else should be. We will find out which form of communication works best for you and make sure to keep you informed even if there isn’t a whole lot new to report.

  • 3) Price the Property Right From the Beginning.

There are so many factors that go into ‘valuation’… location, upgrades, features, condition, what do your neighbors look like, time of year, pricing thresholds, seller motivation and the list goes on… we are going to give your our pricing suggestion and philosophy right when we meet so you again know what to expect. Pricing wrong to start can cost a seller many thousands in the end.

  • 4) Have the Home Looking its Best Day 1.

You only get one shot at a first impression… this is vital when it comes to selling your home. We need to have all repairs done, home cleaned thoroughly inside & out and furnishings staged (if applicable) prior to the marketing being done.How your home looks online will dictate what kind of showing traffic you receive.

  • 5) Professional Photography!

We are just about into 2019 and there are still so many BAD photos in the MLS… we constantly see dark, tiltled, fuzzy and unappealing photos floating around. This kills your appeal and doesn’t encourage, nor excite buyers to come and see it. This is why we hire professional photographers and also a videographer for 3D Virtual Tour.

  • 6) Make it Easy to Show.

If your home is too difficult to view, buyers will lose interest and move on without looking. Ideally a lockbox solved this problem and we can still get advanced notice beforehand. Pets can be another dilemma, but we have solutions for this too that will be discussed early on in the process.

  • 7) Create a Customized Marketing Plan.

Not every home is the same so the marketing thereof shouldn’t be either. Some homes may be good candidates for one form of advertising, while that doesn’t make sense for the next. We will use our experience to decide what fits best for your home.

  • 8) Buyers Need to be Pre-Qualified Before Looking.

We only want Buyers whom have already been Pre-Qualified/Pre-Approved for new financing or have Proof of Funds for Cash Offers to see your home in person. You shouldn’t want people that aren’t prepared to buy or serious now looking at your belongings.

  • 9) Interview the Inspector & Appraiser.

When we get into escrow, the Inspector needs to contact us for access. We take this opportunity to ensure they give us a comfortable feeling and someone that’s going to be professional. For the appraiser, we also grant them access and this allows us to provide the value & property upgrade information we hope they’ll take into account when creating the report.

  • 10) Negotiate Transparently.

There are many ways to negotiate… however, at the end of the day, it is our client, the seller in this case, whom makes final decisions. We will present options and suggestions, but ultimately you decide which route to take. There can be a lot of creative strategies interjected in order to ensure the goal line is reached so we are always thinking about how to accomplish the desired result, no matter the path.

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