From flowers to boxes of chocolates, from jewelry to the giant stuffed teddy bear, there is no denying that the “Holiday of Love” is upon us! Valentine’s Day is a holiday that is loved by many and hated by even more. Whether you love it, hate it, or don’t celebrate you are not immune to the questioning and evaluation each relationship endures at this “loving” time of year. That is why I am here! Let’s talk about your relationship…with your home. Bear with me here, it will make sense in a moment. Take a look at your house: it takes care of you, keeps you warm at night, sometimes you fight (ex. broken dishwasher, clogged sink), then you make up with gifts (ex. new dishwasher, drain-o), you show it off to family and friends, and you share cherished memories…face it you are in a relationship! 

How strong is your relationship with your home? Not all couples are perfect and the same can be said about a Home and the Homeowner, Is the love you have for your home holding strong or is it time to “see other …homes”? I have identified the six relationship stages homeowners go through. Read through and decide What is Your Relationship Status?

Single and Ready to Mingle
Casual is your middle name! You are looking for something that keeps you warm at night, but doesn’t hold you down. The answer to your search could be a short term lease, a sub-let, or moving in with a friend. In reality you could be working on your credit, saving up for a down payment, or not sure where the future is going to take you playing it safe by leaving your options open is the best thing for you at the time being.

Looking To Settle Down
You’ve played the game, you’ve had your fun, and now it is time to get serious and put down some roots. You are ready to make a commitment, but you want to choose wisely and find the right fit for you. Take the steps in the right direction and speak with a qualified Mortgage Lender. Find out where your credit is, talk about your monthly mortgage payment, and get everything lined up so when that right property comes along you are ready to say, “I do!”

Let’s Take a Break
There are many fish in the sea and there are many homes in the valley. If you are not loving your current situation and are thinking of moving on take time to evaluate the inventory.  Reach out to your local Realtor and schedule a time to get a glimpse of what is available for your price range and to get an idea of what the value of your home is. Before you make the leap of putting yourself out there make sure that the home you are looking for is available and in your reach.

A Little Bit of a Fixer Upper
Nothing is perfect, but with a little elbow grease a difference can be made. If your home is still everything you ever dreamed of, but needs some TLC here are a few ideas of what you can do to spruce up your home.
1. Try a New Paint Color or an Accent Wall
2. Rearrange Furniture or Get Something New
3. Plant Some Small Plants in a Pot or Your Yard
4. Organize Closets and Storage Areas, You will be Surprised what De-Cluttering can do.

It’s Not Me Its You
You’re done! Your bags are ready to pack and the future looks bright! Before you sail off into the sunset towards your new castle take time and talk to local professionals. Discover your home’s value and determine your financial situation. Evaluate the market and Interview Real Estate Agents (I recommend at least 3). 

The Honeymoon Phase
And They Lived Happily Ever After, Congratulations! A forever home that is owned free and clear can seem like a fantasy, but you are working towards it. That is something to be extremely proud of.

If a New House Relationship is in your future I would love to play Matchmaker. Buying a Home is a big Commitment that requires a lot of thought and preparation. I would be happy to guide you through the dating process. If it’s time to Break-Up with your Mortgage it would be my pleasure to take some time and go over your options and provide the right closure for the situation.

My name is Tiffany Hooper and I work with RHP Real Estate and Team Schlegel and it is my Vow to help you find your Happy Ever After!

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