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27 Dec 2018

Selling Success

10 Ways to Ensure a Happy Home Sale Selling your home doesn’t have to become a horror story… it can be a smooth endeavor that you gladly tell your friends about as it unfolds! Here are some critical checkpoints to make that a reality: 1) Setting the Right Expectations up Front. When we first sit […]

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09 Nov 2016

Why Didn’t My Home Sell?

This is certainly not a normal occurrence when we are involved with a transaction, but we do get asked this question frequently: “Why Didn’t My Home Sell?”. Well, there are various factors that usually come into play so let’s look at the top reasons. 1) Overpriced! Sellers of course want every last dollar out of […]

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06 Sep 2016

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

We are often asked how best to prepare a home for sale so we have created a simple checklist to offer some guidance. Every home and property is unique so this isn’t a one size fits all, but should get you moving in the right direction! Preparing to Sell: – Make any necessary small repairs […]

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19 Jul 2016

I want to Sell My Home… Where do I start?

Since people don’t normally buy and sell Real Estate every day, they often forget how the process works and of course it continues to evolve as well. That’s where we are here to be a valuable resource and guide. We want to listen to you, know your goals and together create the best game plan […]

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