24 Jul 2019

Gimmicks Are Not Free!

Our lives and society are rapidly changing & evolving… much of this progression is being pushed by new technologies and lack of patience. Real Estate is not excluded from this. In fact, the landscape of the Real Estate Industry is one of the most sought after spaces for “startups” and billionaire investors. After all, people […]

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13 Jun 2019

What Does it Take to Buy a Home?

Many people assume Home Ownership is out of reach, but that’s often due to them having misconceptions about qualifications needed. What is really needed to qualify? Credit Score – 580 Minimum Down Payment – 3% Maximum DTI (debt-to-income) Ratio – 50% What do most people think is needed? Credit Score of 650+ 10%+ for Down […]

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18 Mar 2019

Are Realtors the next Dinosaurs?

I would first like to answer the question above… NO. In my opinion, Realtors will not become extinct like the dinosaurs did, but the evolution & role is sure to continue. You see, not all Realtors are created equal… some are looking solely for the next sale and trying to squeeze as much commission from […]

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31 Aug 2017

The Internet Cannot Replace Me

While the title of this blog is a bold claim, I don’t believe real estate technology can 100% replace an actual professional REALTOR®, such as myself. With the ever-changing landscape throughout most industries where web solutions and technology is replacing some of the human element, the Real Estate industry is no different. However, when it […]

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27 Oct 2016

How I’m Feeling

I’ll warn you now… this won’t just be a politcal rant. I think it’s worth the read, but I’m biased 🙂 With the Presidential Election only 12 days away, we all know how much hatred and negativity exists in the world right now… Trump vs Clinton, Republican vs Democrat, racial tensions, corruption, paid protestors, etc. […]

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06 Sep 2016

How to Prepare Your Home for Sale

We are often asked how best to prepare a home for sale so we have created a simple checklist to offer some guidance. Every home and property is unique so this isn’t a one size fits all, but should get you moving in the right direction! Preparing to Sell: – Make any necessary small repairs […]

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13 Jan 2016


Dear Arizona Cardinals… Thank you for an exciting season and really energizing not only the truly dedicated fanbase, but the entire Metro Phoenix Area and even most of the state. Success on the field has become more routine the past few years and the last 10-years have brought some unbelievable finishes, wild emotional rides, frustration […]

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