We live in a time where the laptop, phone or other device you buy today is seemingly outdated tomorrow. There are constant “newer, better” versions being released, but is that really the case? Technology spans more than just communication… it’s in Solar Systems, Vehicles, Online Shopping, Marketing & Advertising, Concierge Services and so much more.

Recently I attended a behind the scenes tour of a local school district where we got to walk into various classrooms, of all ages. In one of them (roughly 4th or 5th grade), they were having a debate aloud about the Pros & Cons of Technology. It was quite interesting to hear some of their viewpoints. There was plenty of argument for both sides, but overall, I seemed to get the sense that these kids understood that communicating solely through technology was creating a new problem… no social skillsLet’s hope this next generation will realize that technology isn’t everything.

A phone conversation and face to face meeting can go a long way in making things happen. It allows the proper tone and mood to be established & recognized. Emails, text messages and social media posts do not convey the same and often are misinterpreted.

While technology has it’s benefits, it also can create laziness, entitlement and just plain dumb down our society. Being a “Millennial”, many immediately assume I’m real tech-savvy, but in all actuality, I am not. I know enough to get in trouble, but certainly am no wizard. Sure I text and utilize social media, but I also like to speak on the phone at times and certainly socialize in person. It’s becoming a lost art, which is sad for our future generations.

I’m all for technology advancements, but using them to assist humans, not replace them. Let’s become more efficient and skilled, but not lose our work ethic while doing so. Not long ago, I walked into my local bank (I still physically go there for deposits because I value the personal relationships) and noticed a bunch of automated machines. I made a comment about the number of staff will surely be reduced soon. They chuckled and said no, this won’t affect that. Well, sure enough, about a month later, it was a ghost town inside.

You’re probably wondering what does this blog post have to do about real estate… well, not much. It’s mainly filled with personal thoughts and observations, but I do hope it gets you to think and pick up the phone once in a while (to actually make a call). Another voice on the other end could be life-saving, literally.


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