The year is 2020 and much of society may be feeling like they’re not where they need to be. Why is that? In an era of constant Selfies and Social Media, the “Comparison Trap” can set in quickly, leading to quick confidence loss.

The timelines and walls of Social Media are filled with Accolades, Recognition and #humblebrags, which can make those not quite there yet feel inadequate. Also, not all of these so called achievements are legit. Some magazine covers and awards require the ‘winner’ pay for that spotlight.

5 Tips to Feeling Better About Yourself

1) Get Moving.

Some type of physical activity each day will help in a number of ways. Not only can you tone up, but this can improve self-confidence, reduce stress and have long-lasting health benefits. Personally, I always have better days when they begin with an early morning gym session.

2) Get Enough Sleep.

Without proper rest, your body cannot recharge as it should. Not only will your body heal, but you’ll get sick less often and be more productive throughout the day. Everyone’s body needs a little different amount of sleep… some will do well with 5-6 hours and others don’t function right without the usual 8.

3) Give to Others.

This one is super important… the more one gives back, the more they seem to receive. I can attest truth in this statement personally. Not only does it feel good and rewarding, but karma is real. If you’re not in a position for monetary generosity, time and volunteering works great also.

4) Eat Right.

There are countless “diets” and lines of thinking surrounding the way we eat, but common sense is a real good indicator too. Limit the amount of saturated fats, sugar and processed foods. Eat more fruits, vegetables and whole grains. For me, portion control is tough because I LOVE to eat (and cook). Make sure not to skip breakfast as that will get your metabolism going. Of course some regimens include “fasting”. Eating too much of the bad stuff now will shorten your life considerably and also make health care much more expensive as time goes by. Don’t forget to take proper vitamins as well.

5) Drink Lots of Water.

Ditch the sugary iced coffees and soda! Everyone’s heard about drinking 8 glasses of water per day. It’s really not that hard to accomplish. With the hydroflask craze, people have the ability to carry water with them all the time. My go-to is still the old Coleman Gallon Jug, which I fill with water & ice twice daily. Drinking plenty of water will help to flush out toxins from your body and keep organs working efficiently. Now I just need to convince my wife to not visit Dutch Bros every single day LOL.

Tune out the noise and focus on YOU. If you work on yourself, then everything around you will improve as well. Consistency is key so NEVER STOP becoming a better version of yourself!

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