While the title of this blog is a bold claim, I don’t believe real estate technology can 100% replace an actual professional REALTOR®, such as myself.

With the ever-changing landscape throughout most industries where web solutions and technology is replacing some of the human element, the Real Estate industry is no different. However, when it comes to technology services and everyone trying to improve efficiency, unfortunately a big loser is the actual CUSTOMER SERVICE that many consumers long for when buying or selling real property. Plus, buying or selling a home is much more difficult and detailed than buying a new flashlight. You cannot just call Amazon and return a house. It’s usually the single largest transaction someone will make. That should encourage people to hire a true PROFESSIONAL, whom is there before, during and after the transaction… not just someone looking for their next commission check.

You see, computers cannot replicate the same emotions as a human. I can personally relate to you during the transaction… I’ve bought and sold many properties and each time, I experience many of the same feelings and stresses. I have bought contingent upon selling another so have filled those shoes too. I’ve had failed “investment” properties so know what it’s like to lose hard earned money.

The Internet has brought about countless opportunities for the consumer to conduct their own research up front, see multiple data sets and get a feel for the market, which is great. However, most people off the street won’t be able to properly interpret that data. They won’t know how, what or when to negotiate… they do not have access to the proper forms… they don’t know proper marketing strategies or solutions to problems before they ever surface. We do.

When you’re devastated at closing because the buyer of your home lost their job and now cannot close, which means you’re not going to be able to buy the dream home you already lined up movers for, we are here to be sympathetic and offer potential solutions to keep that other transaction in tact. Internet services will not.

When your offer has been accepted over 8 others even though yours wasn’t necessarily the highest price, I will share in your excitement and truly be happy for you. A computer would not.

We strive to provide the best possible experience when we’re hired to help you buy or sell a home. Before the transaction, we’re always willing to provide info & answer questions, during we will be there every step of the way to explain what’s about to happen or what could happen and after wards, we are still a resource for referrals to different vendors, market insight, etc. Our goal is to exceed your expectations, win you as a client for life and be someone whom you will refer to others that are looking to buy & sell.

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