For those wanting to buy a new home and build it from the ground up… it may take a little longer! We have seen the trend locally for some time now, but it’s become a national challenge. There aren’t enough construction workers to fulfill the demand for new housing.

New homes are often taking 8-9 months to build versus the prior normal of 5-6 months. It also looks like this will not clear up overnight either.

A former blog of mine can be found here and is a good read:


You see, back in 2008 when the housing market fell and construction screeched to a halt, there were tradesmen that left their field to find work elsewhere since they needed to support their families after all. National statistics show as many as 30% of the workers left. Most of them have no desire to return to their former craft. That along with the fact that the younger generation of workers don’t like to always work outside and get their hands dirty, nor battle the heat here in Phoenix, has made the issue something real.

Personally, I don’t foresee a great solution any time soon. It could be worse though as some parts of the country are taking 15-months or greater to build a home.

Working with the right REALTOR® can make all the difference in order to plan timing appropriately, especially if selling an existing home first. That’s where we can help 🙂

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