So you’ve probably seen various billboards along the valley freeways when driving around that are similar to the one shown above. I wanted to take a moment to explain a few things pertaining to them.

I’ve mentioned this in past blogs, but it is oh so true, I need to once more… “If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is”. This phrase really should be thought of in many instances and not just for real estate transactions.

Guess what you get (99% of the time) when you pay less… that’s right, less service. Less (lower quality) representation, lesser marketing, less negotiation for you, etc.

There are lots of “new” companies that are claiming to offer a new and better way to sell your home. Well, in reality, these types of models have existed for decades, they just look shiny now due to some technology and more money than ever before backing them.

These companies represent themselves… not you. You are left to figure it out alone and most do not understand what they are getting themselves into.

I am not suggesting every Realtor is created equal because we are NOT. However, a good one is very valuable. There is far more that goes on behind the scenes that anyone ever realizes. That’s where a good Realtor takes care of issues without you having to stress over them.

You’ll also see some companies claiming to help you complete the process yourself and while that is true, again, you are walking into a gun fight with a knife. Having done this thousands of times and every day for 15-years, I don’t know everything and am constantly learning so how could a general homeowner whom is selling their first, second or third property be properly equipped to best represent themselves. It’s like walking into a high profile court case without a proper legal team… chances are the results won’t be favorable.

In today’s society, people want the “easy button” so the promises of convenience sound wonderful, but there is always a catch… the price you pay for that supposed convenience usually doesn’t make a lot of sense once properly explained. We are always glad to explain your full options so you can make an informed decision that’s right for you, whether that involves us or not. As an adviser, there is no cost or obligation for such.

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