We can all take life for granted and think the tomorrows will keep coming, but that’s not always true. It often takes a tragic or devastating situation to learn this and it’s not a topic that’s comfortable to speak about for most. In my personal case, it’s a near death experience with my Father and Business Partner, Fred. He has been in the hospital for 2-months so far and now will be heading to multiple rehab facilities for weeks before eventually getting released back ‘home’. Even then, his life won’t be back to the way it was before becoming hospitalized.

He was on death’s doorstep several different times and while he was able to avoid crossing that line, there were many aspects on the outside that needed attention, similarly to if he had passed away.

This is why I wanted to share some notes on what items it’s important to have gathered and prepared so your loved ones can handle logistics while you may be unavailable, temporarily or forever.

  • Power of Attorneys – Durable / General / Financial / Medical / Mental Health
  • Living Will + Last Will & Testament
  • Health Insurance Information (ID Cards)
  • Medical History & Prescription List
  • Banking Information (and Access)
  • Retirement / Investment Account Access & Contact Information
  • Keys (preferably labeled)
  • Safe Combination(s)
  • Passwords – Phone / Email / Computer / Online Accounts
  • Auto Titles
  • List of Recurring Bills & Expenses (plus how they are paid)

If you need a referral to someone professional for preparing certain legal documents, we can make that happen.

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