In honor of Valentine’s Day… I thought this would be a cool topic to write about. Well… being completely honest, I am borrowing the idea from my office manager, Tiffany. However, all content is 100% mine!

It’s true… at first, many Buyers fall in love with their homes and really start the relationship strong with repairs, maintenance and grand plans for eventual remodeling projects. Although as the days, months and even years go by, those plans remain in one’s mind and/or on paper and never come to fruition.

This can cause one to stray… they see pretty homes for sale on Social Media, through online search sites or even TV. The mind begins to wander and thoughts of what it would be like to move really set in. Maybe it’s a trendy new location, charm & character in the curb appeal, an entertaining backyard, more storage space or who knows what else.

Many of these things can be changed with your own home so sometimes rather than moving on, you should try to fall in love all over again. Making repairs and renovating your existing home can not only be fun, but also very rewarding in terms of equity and in the long run, less expensive than that brand new shiny home.

Location isn’t going to change for your current home, but the aesthetics certainly can. Rekindle that passion and renew the excitement by spending a weekend together.

Home ownership can be a lot like marriage and relationships… you initially have the Romance Phase, then a Power Struggle between wants and finances, Stability when things are “going fine”, then you take each other for granted and one can cheat. If you love your home, then maybe you just need to find romance again and not move after all.


I’m of course in the business of helping Buyers & Sellers so that isn’t always great for me, but I want to help people, whether it be now or a few years down the road when circumstances change. To find out how the market looks in your neighborhood, give us a call @ 623-203-2264 for a private consultation!

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