Referral Rewards Program

Team Schlegel Referral Rewards Program

For as long as Team Schlegel has been around, the focus has been on taking care of people… In return, many have taken care of us in the form of repeat clientele & referrals. This has laid quite the foundation for our business so we wanted to create another way of saying Thank You. Therefore, the Team Schlegel Referral Rewards Program has been launched!

Each calendar year, everyone will begin anew and by the end of that year, the top ambassadors for us will be rewarded in various ways… possibly even a weekend trip somewhere! It’s pretty straight-forward and a tiered arrangement with some special promotions throughout the year to garner additional points.

We hope you will continue to believe in us and spread the word about Team Schlegel!

The Point Breakdown:

  • Rental                                           
  • Phone Consultation                  
  • In-Person Consultation     
  • Sold Home                               
  • Change of Plans                      
  • Close with Us Personally*      
  • Sell AND Buy Personally*       
  • Video Testimonial     
  • 2 Points                              
  • 3 Points                          
  • 5 Points                          
  • 10 Points                          
  • 7 Points                          
  • 15 Points                          
  • 25 Points                          
  • 3 Points                          

Don’t worry about tracking any of this… we will handle that for you! We would just love to assist anyone you know who is looking to make a move.


 There is no obligation or requirement to participate in the Team Schlegel Referral Rewards Program at any time. This is simply us saying thank you to our beloved clients for continuing to refer us to family, friends, co-workers and the alike. All rights reserved by Team Schlegel and additional terms and/or conditions may apply. All participants agree to hold Team Schlegel and/or any of its members harmless when participating in this program. Please contact Justin Schlegel @ 623-203-2264 with any questions and/or concerns.

Referring party must be mentioned during initial consultation and/or conversation in order to be assigned referral reward points. In the event more than one party is mentioned, then referral points will be divided among referring parties.

** In order to redeem points from personal closings throughout the year, at least one additional referral is required.