I’ll warn you now… this won’t just be a politcal rant. I think it’s worth the read, but I’m biased 🙂 With the Presidential Election only 12 days away, we all know how much hatred and negativity exists in the world right now… Trump vs Clinton, Republican vs Democrat, racial tensions, corruption, paid protestors, etc. The challenge is that nobody knows whom to trust or what to believe.

Neither candidate is the perfect choice and unfortunately I don’t believe the current government system will allow for one. There are many changes needed… term limits to prevent career politicians, campaign fundraising methods need adjustment, removal of the two-party system, the electoral college is outdated for today’s society and so much more. Making matters worse is the media… the information is spun in 100 different directions.

What I do know and have noticed is that many in this country are tired of the “same old” and want REAL change… we need real people and true leaders at the helm, someone whom can relate and not be so far out of touch with mainstream society, as is the case today.

Enough about politics…

In my own life, I’ve been doing some soul searching the past month to really clarify my focus with some things. During that time, I’ve really found the absolute most important thing to me is my family… my wife and children at the top. Being able to spend time with my children is critical. Kids grow up too fast because life happens too fast. We all have the same number of hours in the day though so it’s how we use them. I know I am going to focus even more on efficiency so I can make the most out of every minute. I want my kids to grow up and think, “wow, my Dad (and Mom) were always there for me and involved”.

I also suggest cherishing your genuine friendships… we all have friends and most of us many. However, those few super close circle friendships should be held tight. I know mine are… the time I get to spend with those guys is great. We can laugh about old memories, talk business, help each other with life struggles, etc. We are there for each other, no matter what.

Both of the above items come down to relationships… that’s where I’ve focused my business on and will continue to do so. There are some large Real Estate teams that are all about the numbers, but that’s just not me. You’re a person… you have goals and I listen. That way I can help you in the best way possible. I take pride in representing my client’s best interests from start to finish. When you work with me, you work with me… you’re not handed off to others and then I disappear in the background. I guess that’s why we put on client appreciation events.

My ego will never get in the way of your interests. While attending frequent Real Estate conferences, seminars and meetings, it’s impossible not to see how egotistical this business has become. It’s all about whom sold what, how many and for how much. I’ve learned that I really don’t care about any of that… if I take care of people, the money will come. I don’t need to make a million dollars per year; I just want my family to remain healthy and us be financially stable. I don’t need the recognition received when going to the events, all I really need is more time with my family and friends.

I felt the need to get my thoughts out so this blog was the means… hopefully something in here makes you think and realize what’s important to you. If nothing else, be a little kinder to others… you never know what personal struggles their currently battling.

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