All of us probably take for granted that we have clean, drinkable water readily available from our homes and businesses. It’s expected and second nature to us, but it doesn’t happen by accident and many around the globe don’t have the same access. Earlier this month I was fortunate enough to take a tour of the Peoria Greenway Water Treatment Plant with Fred. We got a behind the scenes tour and saw things we aren’t even able to show the general public; it was very eye-opening and interesting to say the least!


Mark Williams, the plant manager, has been onsite since this facility opened in 2002. This is the only one of its kind in Peoria and runs 24/7 except when they shut down for around a month every year to do cleanup, repairs and routine maintenance. When this happens, water is obtained from various wells. There are typically around a dozen people at any given time doing their thing. The plant has a capacity of approximately 16,000,000 gallons per day; this is enough water to service 29,000 homes.

Essentially, the water comes in from the adjacent Arizona canal and is first screened for large debris on a big conveyor belt of sorts, called a ‘bar screen’. Then there are many different stations the water travels to for sedimentation, filtering and otherwise. Water samples are frequently tested to maintain quality and have on record.

Water is treated by an Ozone Contactor, which was cool to see and it takes roughly 10 hours for water to pass through the entire process from entering via the canal to being ready to leave. Once ‘clean’, water is stored in a giant vessel onsite and pumped out from there.

There are generators in place should power go down to ensure water keeps flowing. The amount of pumps, lifts and storage tanks around town is quite impressive. Lots of logistics ensuring every part of the city has enough water, yet not too much to become stagnant. In the event of fires, water resources can be reallocated in different directions, as necessary.

Mark definitely encourages younger people to look into joining this field as there is a real need and shortage of quality people. Plus, the salary and benefit potential is quite lucrative. People will always need water, which means job security. If you or someone you know may be interested in exploring this career field, please reach out to us so we can connect you with Mark.

Part 2 with the “Dirty” Water side will be coming soon as we tour that facility tomorrow!

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