Often times in our society, an adult crying may be viewed as a sign of weakness, but that’s not always the case. Crying can actually be very beneficial in order to release emotions like anger, frustration, sadness & stress along with hormones that make one feel better afterwards. Many will bottle up their feelings for so long and at some point, they spill over, in the form of tears.

The world we are currently living in is not easy and very stressful. I’ll admit that this past Saturday, I hit a wall; not physically, but mentally. The past 4-months have been a real struggle and I had reached a breaking point. Full of emotions and nowhere else to store them, I shed some tears in my kitchen. Once they started to roll, they kept coming for a few minutes, but afterwards, I immediately started to feel better. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable as it’s not weakness, but rather a sign of strength.

For me, the responsibility of providing for and protecting my family, taking care of my clients, running my brokerage, managing my real estate team, oversight of our investment properties & retirement plan, concern for the junior high football team I coach, etc. is a lot of weight to carry. Plus, I put a lot of pressure on myself to be “perfect” and always execute at the highest level. Sometimes, that becomes unsustainable.  That was Saturday.

Regardless of your political views, the division in this country is ugly. The uncertainty & logistics surrounding children returning to school, losing loved ones to a virus (or otherwise), racial tensions, media spinning and so many more distractions exist right now. On TV, the radio, Internet, Newspaper and everywhere you turn, there is a plethora of negativity. It’s impossible not to be weighed down by such.

In my limited research, I have found that most are feeling pressure and stress unlike ever before. Nobody has lived through something quite like this so we are all navigating uncharted waters.


It’s okay to cry… let it out and you might just feel better afterwards.

Here are some tips to improve your state of mind:

  • Focus on what you can control. (your attitude, demeanor & outlook)
  • Focus on the positives in your life. (Family, Friends, Health)
  • Celebrate accomplishments and look toward your next goal.
  • Get / Stay Active… (bike riding, walk/jog, swimming, lifting weights, hiking)
  • Unplug… take a couple days to get away for a change of scenery and stay off your phone & email.

I am strong. You are strong. We WILL get through this.

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